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Are you looking for ways to help the environment and our beautiful planet?

Do you have financial means and are looking to make a positive impact with them?

Are you interested in a green investment with a guaranteed 7% return?

We are delighted to offer a unique opportunity to contribute to nature’s regeneration and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while receiving a guaranteed 7% p.a. return on your investment.

The Sustainable Agro Forestry Project, a joint venture of Symboil Ghana Ltd and RapidOil Ghana Ltd, has substantial
agricultural lands in Ghana.
To establish sustainable agroforestry the JV now requires additional funding in order to contribute to the reduction of green house gas emissions (GHG).

We plan to access UN-based Carbon Credit market via the Verified Carbon Standard(VCS) programme ( . This certification will then qualify us to be issued Verified Carbon Units (VCUs). These certificates can be sold on the open market and used to offset CO2 pollution. 


The VCS Programme requires 24 months and pre-financing.

Therefore, we have decided to create an opportunity for impact investors to invest in this green project. The investment required amounts to a total of €2.5m for a period of 24 months.

We propose to realize this as a loan against 7% p.a. (ROI) generated from our trading activities in agricultural commodities. After this period the proceeds from the sale of VCUs will permit return of the principal plus agreed return.
Funds raised will be applied towards methodology and processes as well as support operations to implement and transition from conventional to circular business.

We also offer more long term investment opportunities. Please contact us here.

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Green Investment Proposal


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Green investment Proposal

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about us

Symboil Ghana Limited is a private company established in Ghana in 2007 and based at Takoradi in the Western Region of the country. The innovative, German-led agribusiness cultivates oil and energy plants including cocoa, coconut and oil palm and is a pioneer in sustainable farming. The company has substantial agricultural land in stock.


We promote health and wellbeing through sustainable, fair and environmentally-friendly production of organic foods.


We work sustainably, fair and environmentally-friendly to produce goods from tropical oil and energy plants.


The Sustainable Agro Forestry Project (SAFP) to be established per the REDD+ programme of the UNFCCC is the first of it’s kind on the African continent and considered an afforestation scheme. It is about holistically (re)developing a parcel of 4000 Hectares of land into a profitable circular venture. Focus are the tree crops African Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis), Coconut (Cocos nucifera) and Cocoa (Theobroma cacao). The project outcomes are to be expected beneficial and diverse and include the creation of green jobs especially for youths, saving precious resources such as water, establishing and sustaining livelihoods of local communities, detoxifying and enhancing soil as well as generating organic produce and products among others.


Our Team

Vikas S. Kumar

International Lead Consultant

Erich R. Mosebach

Ghana Lead 


Victor. A. Laryea


Ingka M. Enyan

Admin and Community

Michel X. Eggen



Venan A. Sondo



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Sustainable production by using all parts of a plant ensuring re-integration of all components into the natural cycle

Verified Carbon Units (VCUs)

Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) are tradable GHG credits issued to project developers against the VCS Program’s rigorous set of rules and requirements. These VCUs can then be sold on the open market and retired by individuals and companies as a means to offset their own emissions. Over time, this flexibility channels financing to clean, innovative businesses and technologies.

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), or Verra, formerly the Voluntary Carbon Standard, is a standard for certifying carbon emissions reductions. VCS is administered by Verra, a 501(c)(3) organization. The VCS Program is the world’s most widely used voluntary GHG program. Over 1,791 certified VCS projects have collectively reduced or removed more than 907 million tonnes of carbon and other GHG emissions from the atmosphere.